If you found my site, you are likely either family, friends, or love Vizslas!  I'm happy to have you.

If you are looking for a Vizsla puppy, please understand that I rarely breed.  However, I will help you find a well-bred Vizsla from a responsible breeder.  I waited a long time to get each of our Vizslas, and hope you understand you might need to do the same.  I promise they are worth the wait!

Otherwise, please take a peek around.  I have pages for my personal Vizslas and also a page for my first litter.  I've also just started putting together a page for my second litter; The Spiderlings!  Join me in tracking their accomplishments, vacations, and antics in what I hope are very long lives.

If you have questions about activities you can do with your Vizslas, please check out my Activities page to get a quick synopsis of some of my favorite AKC games.  I also provide some helpful links to my favorite gear for enjoying Colorado year round with your Vizsla.

You can also follow me on instagram to get the latest photos of my hikes, wins, and travels.  Cheers!


Parent Club for the Vizsla

I hope you will join the VCA! Members get to vote on Hall of Fame, receive the quarterly magazine, and have perks like getting a hardcopy of the Illustrated Breed Standard.   I am happy to help sponsor you for membership if you need it!

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Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club

The Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club is one of the local Vizsla clubs in Colorado.  They hold all kinds of events from agility to dog shows to field stuff, and since I dig all those things, I think it's important to support the club with volunteering and camaraderie.  If you are looking for a Vizsla puppy, they maintain a breeder referral list too.

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Rocky Mountain Chapter - NAVHDA

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAVHDA is the Colorado Chapter of the organization. Members promote the training, development and welfare of the versatile hunting dog breeds.  The training days throughout the Spring or Summer shouldn't be missed!

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Performance Training Club

Longs Peak is a performance that holds an annual obedience, rally, and agility trials.  They also have an annual banquet with some of the best recognition in the state.  Based out of Fort Collins, this is a great club to join for anyone in Northern Colorado.

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