AKC Events We Love!

We do A LOT with our Vizslas.  All kinds of things.  This often leads people to ask us questions about how different events work.  We decided it might be helpful to put it down “on paper” so our friends would have a reference.  We are always happy to go into more detail — just email us.  We obviously spend a lot of time training for these different games too, so if you ever want a referral we can certainly help — or maybe we have an upcoming training day you can join in on!  You can also find a list of local events happening on the Vizsla Club of America website, just select your state and hit go!

We will keep updating this page as time allows, but here are a few topics for your perusal!  Just click on the topic you are interested in and go 🙂


Karma’s favorite sport!


Have you seen the movie, Best in Show?  This is real life!

Hunting Tests

Does your dog have what it takes to be a polished gun dog?


Speed and prey drive — test your Vizsla’s skill!