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NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1 (Perfect Score)

Cheeky was our keeper from our Halo x Kai litter, the Baby Halos.  Cheeky (fka Farrah) was born second, came out screaming that she wasn’t first and stayed feisty!  In the litter she was a pretty pushy puppy.  Loved to tug, loved to train.  She scored very high at the temperament test, which solidified what we had seen in our home, a bold puppy that was always going to need a job.  Luckily, we have some plans for her to keep her busy!

Cheeky kicked off her performance career at a young 5 months of age when she completed the requirements for her Trick Dog Novice title.  Cheeky had to complete 10 tricks twice to qualify!  That was a lot for a puppy, but she did a fantastic job!  Then, at the Vizsla Club of America National in West Bend, Wisconsin, Cheeky was able to complete the requirements for her Trick Dog Intermediate title!

At exactly 6 months of age, Cheeky stepped into the conformation ring and walked away with Winners Bitch for her first major.  Her second major came just shy of one year with a Best of Opposite Sex win over a special under Eva Berg!  She was shown selectively over the summer of 2019 only to judges who we knew would be awesome and kind with a puppy.  She picked up 2 more major wins under Dana Cline (Best of Opposite over specials) and Breeder/Judge Alessandra Folz (Best of Breed over specials.)  She finished her Championship on September 21 at Arapahoe Kennel Club.  It was a fun and fast trip to her CH title.  

One thing we wanted to try with Cheeky that we’ve never tried before was NAVHDA.  We were lucky to take Cheeky to a couple training days with the Rocky Mountain NAVHDA Chapter and worked on her bumper retrieves at the lake by our condo in Vail.  In August of 2019, Cheeky took on her Natural Ability test and with 4 points, a beautiful track, and two swims under her belt, she walked away with a 112!  That gave Cheeky a perfect score and a Prize 1!  

After her great performance in NAVHDA, we knew Cheeky was ready to try her hand at AKC Hunting Tests.  At the Vizsla Club of Colorado test in early October 2019, she picked up 3 junior legs with Jenny handling!  It was the first time Jenny had ever handled any of our dogs in a hunt test as that’s typically Marc’s job.  Cheeky garnered herself scores that were all 8+ too!  Then a couple weeks later, Marc took Cheeky out to the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club test and picked up leg #4, making her a Junior Hunter!

 Stay tuned, and for more updates on Cheeky, check out her tag on our blog.