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GCH CH Kizmar 7 Deadly Sins at 5280 SH RATM

Sire: MBISS GCH HRQ Guess Who’s in Trouble JH OA OAJ

Dam: GCH Kizmar Fire N Ice CDX RE OA NAJ

Breeders: Kathy Rust & Sarah Ford

Owners: Marc Spencer, Jennifer Follett, & Kathy Rust

Registration: SR74499902

CHIC#: 102498

Hips: Good, VZ-13816G26F-VPI

Elbows: Normal, VZ-EL2012F26-VPI

Thyroid: Normal,  VZ-TH983/26F-VPI

Eyes: Normal, VZ-EYE281/28F-VPI

DNA: V685110



BIR BISS GCHB CH Lea's Silli Madar Kai Of Tok MH

Sire: BISS GCH CH Russet Leather Boulder's Wild Tok MH ROM

Dam: GCH CH Brittania's Absolut Finest MH AX OAJ CGCA

Breeders: Bernadette Alison & Britt Jung

Owners: Tad Walden, Bernadette Alison, Britt Jung

Registration: SR73356702

CHIC: 120690

Hips: Good, VZ-13732G26M-VPI

Elbows: Normal, VZ-EL1980M26-VPI

Thyroid: Normal, VZ-TH1233/48M-VPI

Eyes: Normal, VZ-EYE643/32M-VPI

DNA: V692060


Presenting the Baby Halos "Halo's Angels"

Kate, Farrah, and Bosley, born 8.18.18

For the latest on the Baby Halos, check out their tag in our blog.



Halo's firstborn, Kate is confident, calm, and sweet.

Kate is now known as Maggie, Kizmar 5280 Magnolia Halo JH OA AXJ XF SWA SBE TKN NW2
*major pointed

8.18.18 ~ 4.15.23 : we miss you, Mags.


The middle child, Farrah came out screaming and stayed feisty.

Farrah is now known as Cheeky,
CH Kizmar 5280 Someone's Halo Slipped JH NA NAJ OF ACT1 ACT2J SWM SHDM RATN TKA NA-Pz I SSB NW1



The blue boy, who we think is already so handsome.

Bosley is now known as Louie,
Kizmar 5280 Halo I'm Louie JH
*major pointed

Baby Halos in their 5th Year


8.6.23 -- Cheeky finally holds it all together and picks up an OA leg with 1st place and an OAJ leg with 1st place! Just one more of each for her titles!
6.11.23 -- Cheeky has a great weekend at the PPAC Scentwork trial. She picked up 2 Master Exterior Qs (1st & 3rd place), a Master Container Q (3rd), and her 3rd Detective Leg with 1st place!
6.1.23 -- Cheeky gets an Award of Merit at the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club Specialty Show!
5.28.23 -- At the Cairn Terrier Club of Denver agility trial, Cheeky picks up an OAJ leg!
5.2.23 -- At the Vizsla Club of America National Specialty Show, Cheeky made the 1st cut in bitches!
4.30.23 -- At the Vizsla Club of America National Specialty Show, Cheeky took 2nd place in the Brood bitch class with Nigel & Miles! She also took her sire, Kai to 1st place in Grandsire with her son Miles!
4.16.23 -- At the NW2 trial in Laramie, Cheeky goes 3rd place overall! She also went 1st Place Interior Building Search (Pronounced), 3rd place Container (Pronounced), and had a Pronounced Vehicle search!
4.15.23 -- Today is a horrifically sad day. We said goodbye to Maggie as she couldn't fight off a terrible fungal infection. Our hearts are shattered. Thank you to Byron and Catherine for giving her the best life imaginable. Down at the PPAC trial, Cheeky got her weaves and got 3rd place and an OA leg. We are confident it was to honor Maggie.
3.10.23 -- Cheeky picks up an Excellent FAST leg at Palmer Divide Agility Club!
2.19.23 -- Cheeky earned her Canine Good Citizen title at Colorado Kennel Club!
10.23.23 -- Cheeky qualified and picked up 4 points in Novice Speedstakes at the MHAA UKI Trial!
10.16.23 -- At the FRSWC trial, Cheeky qualified in FastCAT twice and finished her BCAT title!
10.2.23 -- At the MSDTC trial, Cheeky qualifies in all 4 Master Elements with three 1st places and one 2nd place, topped off with Master High Trial!
8.18.22 -- The Baby Halos turn 4!! Happy Birthday!

Baby Halos in their 4th Year


7.24.22 -- On the last day of competing Cheeky earns a SBME leg with 1st place!
7.23.22 -- Day two earns Cheeky a leg in SIME with 2nd place!
7.22.22 -- At the HPKC trial in Lubbock, TX, Cheeky picks up legs in SIME with 1st place, SBME with 3rd place, and SHDE with 1st place!
6.25.22 -- At PPAC's Scent Work Trial, Maggie earns legs in SCE with 4th place and SBE with 2nd place!
5.22.22 -- At day 2 of LPDTC Scent Work, Maggie earns legs in SBA to finish her overall SWA title, and an SEE leg with 1st place! Cheeky earns a leg in SCME with 2nd place!
5.21.22 -- At the Longs Peak Scent Work trial, Maggie earns legs in SCA to finish her SCA title, and SEE with 4th place! Cheeky earns legs in SCME with 1st place to finish her SCME title, and SIME with 1st place!
4.17.22 -- Maggie earns her NW2 title and went Overall 1st place out of the 27 dogs competing! She also picked up 1st place in both Interior and Vehicle!
4.3.22 -- Maggie picks up an AX leg with 3rd place and an XF leg at the Golden's trial. She also picked up 3rd place and a Q in jumpers to finish her AXJ title!
2.26.22 -- Cheeky earns her NW1 title and went Overall 1st place out of the 37 dogs competing! She also picked up Pronounced Awards in Vehicle and Interior. 2nd Place in Vehicle and 1st place in Exterior!
1.23.22 -- Cheeky certifies in her NACSW Odor Recognition Test! New ORT!
1.16.22 -- Maggie picks up AXJ leg and 3rd place in Longmont!
12.5.21 -- Cheeky picks up her last NAJ leg with 2nd place to finish her NAJ title!
12.4.21 --Cheeky picks up NAJ leg #2 with 4th place and an NA leg with 2nd place to finish her NA title!
11.7.21 -- Cheeky wraps up her New Mexico weekend with a 2nd place in ALL her qualifying runs: SCME, SBME, SEME, and DETECTIVE!
11.6.21 -- Cheeky earn an SCME leg and 3rd place in New Mexico!
11.5.21 -- Cheeky earns an SCME leg!
10.31.21 -- Maggie earns legs in SCA, SBA, and SEA with a 3rd place in Exteriors! Cheeky earns another SIME leg with 1st place!
10.30.21 -- Maggie earns a SIA leg and 2nd place to finish her SIA title! She also picks up qualifying legs in SCA and SBA!
10.24.21 -- Cheeky earns a Beginner UKI Snooker Q and 4 points! She also WINS the 20" Consolation final and earns her Beginner Sweepstakes title!
10.3.21 -- Maggie earns SIA, SBN, SHDN legs and finished her SBN and overall SCN title! Cheeky picked up SCME, SEM, SHDME legs and wrapped up her SCM title!
10.2.21 -- Cheeky earns a SCME leg at the MSDTC trial!
10.1.21 -- Cheeky earns a NA leg and an OF leg at the FRAAD trial!
9.12.21 -- Cheeky qualifies in Master Buried to finish her SBM title and down in Castle Rock, Maggie earns a qualify in Starter Jumpers at the USDAA agility trial!
9.11.21 -- Maggie hits the NACSW trial in Golden and earns her NW1 title!
9.10.21 -- Cheeky earns her very first Detective leg with 6 hides in Longmont, CO!
8.29.21 -- Maggie qualifies in every element picking up legs in SCN, SBN, SIA, and SEA which finished her SCN title! Cheeky qualifies in SHDM and SCM finishing her SCM title! The sisters had quite a Scent Work weekend!
8.28.21 -- Maggie picks up a SCN, SIN, and SEA leg and finishes her SIN title! Cheeky picks up a SIM and SHDM leg, both new titles!
8.27.21 -- Maggie picks up a SIN, SBN, and SEN leg and finishes her SEN title! Cheeky picks up a leg in SEM, SBM, and SHDM at the Front Range trial in Brighton.
8.22.21 -- Cheeky heads to Iowa and earns 2 SCM legs and a SCB leg!
8.20.21 -- Maggie picks up a AXJ leg at the Golden trial in Greeley!
8.18.21 -- The Baby Halos turn THREE!  Happy Birthday!

Baby Halos in Their 3rd Year


8.15.21 -- Cheeky travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico and picks up her last SCE leg to finish her SWE title! She also picks up two SIM legs!
7.25.21 -- Cheeky travels to Lubbock, Texas and earns a SHDM and SCE leg!
6.19.21 -- Maggie heads to Idaho and picks up a SCN, SIN, and two SEN legs! What a Scent Work debut!
6.12.21 -- Maggie qualifies in Open FAST to finish her title!
5.23.21 -- Cheeky picks up her 1st SEM leg, and two SIE legs! It was a great weekend in South Dakota!
5.22.21 -- Cheeky picks up her 1st SCE leg and her third Interior Excellent leg to finish her SIE title!
4.24.21 -- Cheeky picks up her 3rd Novice FAST leg to finish her NF title!
4.18.21 -- Cheeky picks up a SIE leg in Montana!
4.11.21 -- For a change of pace, Cheeky hits a local FastCAT and picks up 46.6 points! 4.1.2021 -- Cheeky tries out Crazy 8s for the first time and picks up 30 points!
3.21.2021 -- Cheeky continues her Scent Work hot streak in Topeka, KS picking up 1 SCA, 3 SHDE, 3 SBE, and 1 SEE legs!  New titles this weekend: SHDE, SBE, SEE, SCA, and her overall SWA!
3.7.2021 -- After a hiatus for the winter, Cheeky hit the FRSWC trial and picked up 3 excellent legs; SIE, SBE, and SHDE!
12.6.2020 -- Cheeky continues her scent work success by finishing her SIA title!  She also picked up 2 SEE legs and a SHDE leg in Omaha, NE!
11.1.2020 -- Cheeky gets back to scent work and picks up 7 qualifies.  Her achievements this weekend wrap up her SHDA, SEA, and SBA titles!
10.31.2020 -- Maggie continues to impress!  She picks up her final open jumpers leg at the FRAAD trial in Castle Rock to finish her OAJ title!
10.4.2020 -- Maggie finishes her NF title and picks up legs in her Open classes; an OA, OAJ, and OF leg for the trifecta!  This little spitfire and her handler mom, Catherine, are on a roll!
9.12.2020 -- Maggie hits the Longs Peak Dog Training Club Agility trial and finishes her Novice titles!  That puts a NA and a NAJ after her name!
8.30.2020 -- Cheeky tries FastCAT and picks up 4 qualifies for 92.54 points towards her BCAT title!
8.26.2020 -- As a move up, Cheeky goes 5 for 5 in her Advanced elements to earn her first leg towards SIA, SEA, SBA, SCA, SHDA!  She also went High in Trial Vizsla and overall & Vizsla High Combined!
8.24.2020 -- At the VCA Scent Work trial, Cheeky goes 5 for 5 for finish all her element titles: SIN, SEN, SBN, SCN, SHDN!  This also means that she went 15 for 15 to earn her overall novice Scent Work title -- SWN!  She went overall and Vizsla High in Trial and High Combined!  She also earns her first RN leg at the VCA National Rally Trial!
8.23.2020--Maggie goes 3 for 3 at Vizsla Nationals and picks up a NA, NAJ, and NF leg!  She is just now one leg away from all her Novice titles!  Cheeky also managed a NF leg, leaving her one short of her NF title too!
8.22.2020--Maggie earns a NA & NF leg and Cheeky picks up a NF leg too!  This was at the Vizsla Club of America's All Breed Trial!
8.18.20 -- The Baby Halos turn TWO!  Happy Birthday!

Baby Halos in Their 2nd Year


8.6.2020--Cheeky goes 10 for 10 to pick up two legs in Novice levels of Handler Discrimination, Interiors, Exteriors, Containers, and Buried!  She went High in Trial and High Combined both days too!

8.2.2020--Maggie earns her first agility Q with a NAJ leg!

7.7.2020--Cheeky picks up her first Open Barn Hunt leg!  She also went High in Class!

7.3.2020--Cheeky picks up her last Novice leg to become a RATN!

5.23.2020--Cheeky picks up two Novice Barn Hunt legs!  She also walked away with a High in Novice win!

5.11.2020--Cheeky takes on the CoViD virtual challenge and earns her Trick Dog Advanced title!

2.21.2020--Cheeky picks up her ACT 1 title!  First agility title in the books!

2.16.2020--Cheeky goes Best of Opposite & Select Bitch at CKC, both for 4 point Grand Champion Majors, and both with Champions defeated!  Louie picks up a BIG Reserve to the Major and Best Bred By Exhibitor!

1.20.2020--Cheeky earns her first agility ribbon with a Q in her ACT 1 test!

10.27.2019--Louie picks up Best of Winners for a 3 point major!  He also went Reserve yesterday.  Maggie & Catherine pick up Reserve to the Major today too!  Great weekend at Buckhorn Kennel Club.

10. 20.2019--Cheeky hits the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club Hunt Test to pick up her 4th leg to make her a new Junior Hunter!  Now all 3 Baby Halos have that title!

10.6.2019 -- Louie goes 4 for 4 to earn his Junior Hunter title!  Cheeky also has a great weekend picking up 3 JH legs at the Vizsla Club of Colorado Hunt Test!

9.21.19 -- Cheeky goes Winners to become Champion Cheeky!

9.8.19 -- Cheeky takes Best of Breed from the classes to garner a 4 point major!

9.6.19 -- Maggie and owner Catherine take Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite over specials for a 3 point major!  She also took a Gun Dog Group 4!

9.5.19 -- Cheeky takes a Puppy Group 3 and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 2!

8.23.19 -- Cheeky earns a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1 with a perfect score!

8.18.19 -- The Baby Halos turn ONE!  Happy Birthday!

Baby Halos in Their 1st Year


7.28.19 -- Cheeky goes WB/BOS over a special to snag a 4 point major!

7.27.19 -- Cheeky earns her Puppy of Achievement title!

6.28.19 -- Cheeky goes WB/BOW for another 2 points, she also went Best of Breed Owner Handler and took home a Puppy Group One!

5.11.19 -- Maggie is a new Junior Hunter at 8 months!

5.2.19 -- Louie debuts in the National show ring and picks up a 4th place in Sweepstakes and a 3rd place in the 6-9 Puppy Dog class!  Future is bright for this young boy!

4.30.19 -- Cheeky steps into the Nationals ring and picks up her Trick Dog Intermediate title!

4.27.19 -- Cheeky hits Seward, NE, on the way to Nationals and goes WB/BOS/BOBOH for another 1 point!

4.14.19 --In Montana, Maggie picks up 3 Junior Hunter legs with her Dad, Byron!  1 more to go!

2.18.19 -- Happy 6th month birthday to the Baby Halos!  Cheeky spends it earning a 3-point major at Colorado Kennel Club.

1.19.19 -- Maggie and Cheeky earn their Trick Dog Novice titles at Longs Peak Dog Training Club.

10.13.18 -- Go home day!  Kate is now Maggie, Farrah is now Cheeky, and Bosley is now Louie!  So excited to watch these Baby Halos grow up!

10.8.18 -- The Baby Halos have their temperaments assessed by Aunt Mary.  They are going to make great pets 🙂

10.6.18 -- The Baby Halos rock their Puppy Party!  These puppies are going to all training stars!

9.20.18 -- Kate is the first to climb out of the weaning pen!

9.9.18 -- The Baby Halos move to their weaning pen with a turf potty area.  They love it!

8.30.18 -- Farrah is the first to walk!

8.28.18 -- Bosley is the first to open his eyes!

8.18.18 -- Welcome to the world Kate, Farrah, and Bosley!  We are so excited to watch you grow up!