Vizsla Puppy Litters

Looking for a Vizsla Puppy?

It's very important you find a breeder that, at minimum, meets all the Breed recommended testing, OFA Hips, Thyroid, and Eyes.  Before breeding Halo and Cheeky, we tested them for all of the above, and I also certified their Elbows (and Heart on Cheeky) for good measure.  With  Boujee, I added tests for Dwarfism and Longhair gene, as I firmly believe we should adapt with science. I also require these minimum tests of the stud dog partners.

Halo whelped her first and only litter in August 2018.  Cheeky had her litter in March 2022.  She ended up needing a c-section, so that will be her last litter.  Until Boujee is old enough to be health tested (2024,) I won't be breeding.  However, in the meantime, I'm happy to help you find a puppy from a responsible Vizsla breeder, or put you in touch with a great rescue group in your area.


I only breed selectively and rarely as I want to be part of my girls' progeny for the entirety of their lives.  Can you imagine if I bred yearly?  That would be A LOT of people and puppies to keep up with!  I guarantee the health of my puppies and am committed to taking the puppies back if there is ever a situation that arises where you can no longer care for your 5280 Vizsla.

I FIRMLY believe that your Vizsla puppy needs a job.  I compete with and train my Vizslas in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, coursing, hunting, scent work, and therapy work.  I don’t expect you to do all these things, but I do expect you to be committed to training your Vizsla.  This is a high energy breed that gets very stir crazy without exercise -- physical AND mental.  It is a big responsibility, and I know some of you may label me as a “crazy dog lady.”  That’s okay.  I understand that getting a Vizsla and choosing a breeder is a big decision.

If you think I would be a good match for you, please fill out an application.  If not, I hope you will contact Vizsla Rescue and find a Vizsla more suited to your personalities and lifestyle.

Stud Services

Here are the stats on my boys:



Pedigree: SR18976404
DNA: V602485
OFA Elbow: VZ-EL618M24-PI, Normal
OFA Hip: VZ-9836G24M-PI, Good
AKC Height Card: 23.88”
Frozen semen available

Miles - coming soon pending health tests

Pedigree: SS32865901
DNA: V10071890
Cardiac: VZ-BCA524/22M/C-PI
Eyes: VZ-EYE2191/22M-VPI
Thyroid: Normal

Nigel - coming soon pending health tests

Pedigree: SS32865902
DNA: V10071889

I carefully consider breeding possibilities.  I will scrutinize pedigrees and get opinions of other breeders before agreeing to stud out.  The Vizsla is a beautiful, magnificent breed, but if I don’t think our boy and your girl will better the breed, I will help you find a more suitable option.


For more information and to receive my stud application, please send me an email: [email protected]


24 Month Spay/Neuter Minimum

I ask that you keep your Vizsla intact until at least 18 months (24 preferred.)  Want to know why?

Think of spaying as removing your puppies hormones before they reach maturation.  What would that do to their bones and joints as they grow?  Hormone regulation is important to ensure your puppy grows balanced and doesn't become one of those "too leggy" Vizslas.  Also, while keeping your pup intact increases the risk of breast or testicular cancer, those are relatively rare cancers in Vizslas, especially compared to the myriad of health benefits keeping him/her intact can provide.  You can read more here:

OFA Testing -- Hips, Thyroid, Eyes

I am committed to ensuring I'm only breeding to better the breed.  As such, I tested Halo and Cheeky for all recommended CHIC tests AND require the same of our sires.  I need you to test your pup to ensure I'm doing the best by the breed and some crazy recessive gene isn’t lurking.

Temperament and Puppy Rearing

I have attended seminars and believe in Jane Killion’s Puppy Culture methods.  I will be following all protocols while my girls are pregnant through the day you take your puppy home.  I would like you to become acquainted with the plan; click the Puppy Culture graphic to learn more.


Next Steps...

If you'd like to be considered for a 5280 Vizsla, please fill out our application.