Some of our friends along the journey and a few favorite websites!

Vizsla Related:

Vizsla Club of America:
Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc:
Cruiser Vizslas: (Karma’s maternal side of the family)
Boulder Vizslas: (Indy’s maternal side of the family)
The Wild Bunch: (Karma’s paternal side of the family)
Kizmar Vizslas: (Halo’s maternal side of the family)
Adara Vizslas: (Halo’s paternal side of the family)

Agility Trial Resources:

Colorado area agility:
Kansas area agility:
Entry Form creator:

Training Resources:

Best “weavas” trainer ever!:
Puppy training:  — love their link to a socialization checklist!

How we train nail trims: Cheeky loves a pedicure.

Goods for Your Dogs:

Chilly Dog Coats: (these are our favorite for winter hikes in Vail!)
Dogs Unlimited
(Bird Training Supplies):
Finnrok Vizslas: (click on their sales tab for awesome dog coats and dog panties)
Orvis: (this link takes you to Indy’s favortie dog bed)
Treat a Dog: Orthopedic dog beds that double as throw rugs!
Paco Collars: our absolute favorite collars!  The dogs run, swim, hike, and travel in these collars.
Fetching Tags: we love these dog tags!
Peaks N Paws: — this is the Himalayan Yak chew company that Halo modeled for — they paid her in treats and got her seal of approval!
Allison Mae Photography:  — one of our favorite photographers, she is amazing with dogs and takes beautiful photos!

Vizsla Goods for You:

3 Legged Dog Ink: Jenny LOVES the Vizsla notecards!  Tip — if you can’t decide on one picture ask for a custom order with all your favorite designs 🙂  Lyndsey does much more than just notecards, check out the whole store!

Ways to Cook Your Pheasant:

Pheasant Gumbo
Pheasant Phiesta – pheasant with a south of the border flare