A ratty Memorial Day Weekend

This pandemic still has us coming up with ways to use the dogs’ brains in absence of being able to go to our usual activities each week. In the past, we’ve only done Barn Hunt when our dogs finish their Master Hunter titles. Before today, we only dabbled in it with Indy and Karma. But being quarantined from our agility, scent work, and obedience classes has us singing a different tune! So we spent Memorial Day weekend with all 3 girls taking on the new sport!

On Friday, Cheeky and Halo did not disappoint in their debut. In Trial 1, Cheeky took 1st place and High in Novice Class, Halo took 3rd, and in the Open class, Karma took 1st! In the second trial, Halo took 1st and High in Novice Class and Cheeky took 2nd place to her mother! With very tired pups, we were able to get a bunch of flowers planted in peace too!

Substantially happier to not share the podium with her sisters today!

Saturday, we just focused on Karma. and she did not disappoint! Karma finished her RATO title today also taking 1st place and High in Class. She is GCH CH MACH2 Diamond Cruiser 5280’s Reap What You Sow PCD BN RE MH MXG MJB2 MXP2 MJP2 MJPB XF T2B CA THDN RATO CGCA CGCU TKI.

After Karma’s runs, we met up with Lindsay & Marmee and went for a long walk along the Westminster green belt. It was great to get some catch up time with Lindsay again!

Hiking for city slickers.

And rounding out the holiday weekend, today, our supermodel is the super star! Halo picked up her RATN title in the first trial. Then, as a move up, took 1st place and High in Class in Open! She really took to this game and may just have a new game. With her pass today, Halo is now GCH CH Kizmar 7 Deadly Sins At 5280 SH RATN TKN (Havoc x Bailey)

Our beautiful Halo with her big wins!