Baby Halos’ Temperament Testing

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Mary with Bosley, Farrah, and Kate

Today was temperament testing day, and again, we have to say, we have the BEST friends!  Mary helped us get Halo and Kai’s breedings done, and today she tested their temperaments!  The testing has to be done by a stranger to the puppies and she has a ton of experience as a Mastiff and French Bulldog breeder.

Tad, Kai’s owner, also came to observe.  He and Jenny had to hide up on Mary’s second level to watch how the puppies interacted.  They all did great!  Kate showed the most prey-drive, and Farrah and Bosley had solid all around temperament scores.  It was so fun to watch them and see how they problem solved and reacted to surprises and challenges.

After the Puppy Party evaluations and the testing today, we can say with confidence that all three of these puppies will make fantastic pets.  This week we will be weighing out the matching process of the puppies with our potential homes.  We still have health checks on Thursday and then their conformation and hunting instinct evals on Saturday!

This is all starting to go so quickly!!!!

Also, when I got out of the shower this morning, Farrah had climbed out of the weaning pen (36” gate) and was very busy playing tug with her mother. She was super annoyed when I put her back in with “the babies.”

Our little firecracker 💥

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