Cheeky debuts in Advanced Scent Work

Cheeky is continuing to show us that Scent Work is her game. Today was the last day of the VCA’s Scent Work trial, and Cheeks managed to again go 5 for 5! In the Advanced level, you have to find two hides and call the course clear to stop the time. The scents are now anise and birch, adding anise to the repertoire. The buried hides are in water at this level (that was fun to watch Cheeky work as we had never practiced water.) There are also distractors on course! Cheeky had to keep working in spite of stuffed toys, tennis balls, and treats. Finally, in Handler Discrimination, you move from using a sock or glove with your scent to a cotton ball!

Yesterday, Cheeky and Jenny worked through the new changes in Advanced since we had never worked a few of them (like the HD and buried changes) and she still managed a qualifying performance in Handler Discrimination! Then today, Cheeky went 5 for 5 in all elements! This won her High in Trial Advanced (both overall and Vizsla) and High Combined Advanced Vizsla too!

In other exciting news our friend Nancy took Winner’s Bitch with her girl, Jessie, today! Jessie was bred by Jamie, so we headed to the Stanley to celebrate in style with champagne and friends! It was a pretty fantastic day!

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