Christmas 2022 in Texas

Well, we got the BEST Christmas gift ever…read on for details, but what a fantastic week in Texas! The last few trips home we have just flown in and left the girls back in Colorado with a pet sitter, but since Jenny picked up New Mexico and Texas for work, she decided to make it a working trip down and drive down with the girls.

Cheeky, Mungo, and Halo!

Halo was SO excited to see Mungo (Mom’s dog) and Tybee (Jenny’s brother’s dog) who she hasn’t seen in a couple years. The boys were equally excited to see Halo and meet Cheeky too. It’s always nice visiting houses that are dog friendly and Jenny’s Mom’s house definitely is! Dog treats galore too!

Jenny’s Mom bonding with Cheeky and some wine 🙂
Cheeky enjoying the change of hiking scenery.

We got to hike almost every day and catch up on some much needed family time after the pandemic has kept us all so isolated. To cap off the trip, Cheeky came into season on Christmas — a gift we are certain is straight from Karma, who we lost almost a year ago. We are very excited to see if 2022 brings with it the pitter patter of puppy feet.

Guess who is all grown up