Christmas Vacation 2019

Merry Christmas! Hopefully you are all enjoying some well deserved time off and getting those red kids lots of exercise. This year, most of Jenny’s siblings were headed to our hometown of El Paso, Texas, for the holidays, so we made our way down too. Because we took that two week vacation to Morocco, Marc was a little short on vacation days, so while Jenny had the whole week off, he only had Christmas Day. We decided to have Marc fly down Christmas Eve (after he worked half day) and Jenny would make the drive. 4 dogs and one human is difficult, but luckily Tad (owns Cheeky’s daddy, Kai) offered to take Cheeky and Halo for the week. So with the old dogs in tow, Jenny headed South.

L – R: Cheeky, Halo, Gus, Kai — Happy the little family got to spend the holidays together!

One of our favorite places to stop is the Hilton Historic Downtown hotel in Santa Fe, NM. They are dog friendly and have a park across the street. There is also a restaurant onsite making it super easy with the dogs and if the weather is bad. Our trip down was a bad weather day, so in lieu of a long run at the park when we arrived, Karma instead played her favorite hotel game; Kibble Cup! Just put a couple kibbles in a hotel cup and semi crush it. They have to nose and roll the cup all around to get the kibble out. Keeps their attention and requires brain power, so it does a good job wearing them out!

Karma playing Kibble Cup!

The road trip was easy and we enjoyed several days of family before Marc joined. Our old dogs, Karma and Schmavitz are totally bomb-proof with kids. Not sure how they even got that way. It’s part of the reason we had Karma as a therapy dog at Children’s Hospital for so many years. She really loves kids. Our niece Charley ate it up! She loved getting to play with Karma and Schmavitz (she has two Poodles of her own — Tybee a Standard, and Mia a Poodle mix) and for a two year old, she has good dog manners. Anyway, the dogs loved being in a house full of family getting spoiled by all the treats.

We are grateful to have dogs that are easy travelers, and this time of year always makes us thankful to have another year together. We hope you all have a fantastic 2020…happy new decade!

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