Enchanted Scent Work

What a weekend!! Jenny and Cheeky headed down to Albuquerque to check out a trial being held that offered everything all the way to detective. We didn’t walk away from the weekend with any qualifying runs, but MAN! the searches were cool! The judge was Caroline Oldham from Texas. She is SUPER creative, very encouraging, and gives soo many great tips for training and handling. Cheeky was really close to qualifying on every run…just little things here and there. They say trial days are proof of your training, and we definitely need to up our game with some more height challenges. And, challenge accepted!

Cheeky chillin in the Bosque

While in Albuquerque (actually, Rio Rancho) we also headed over to the Bosque del Apache to hike around a little bit and let Cheeky swim. She had the best time, and only gave Jenny one heart attack swimming down stream in a pretty fast flowing river. She had made friends with the kayakers that went by and decided to accompany them a little longer. Jenny was worried about her swimming back upstream, but the current was no problem for our wanna-be Labrador. All the guys fishing on the banks thought she was the coolest dog, and gotta say it, we agree!

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