February Hunting

We have a cold front moving in, so today over lunch, Jenny grabbed the pups and headed East to the Colorado plains.

The best part of the drive is always when we hit the dirt road, Indy pops up and starts looking at the window.  Surveying his hunting grounds.  When he was younger, he would scream/bark as soon as we hit gravel, but now he just looks in excitement — one of those things that got better with age!

We were joined today by Karma’s nephew, Sven.  It was SO fun to watch his light bulb turn on.  Indy, Karma, and Halo all hunted hard and stuck with their typical themes — Indy: never wants to take a turn, hunts hard, all business.  Karma: Fantastic little huntress with her signature, spectacular honors, and Halo: treats every step in the field as if she is on a modeling shoot!  Head high, ears blowing in the wind, and just giving you that, “aren’t I SOOOOOO pretty” look.  Cracks us up.

Halo on retrieve.

And the ride how was in complete silence, so we know they are adequately tired for tomorrow’s snow day!

Halo honoring Kai — she’s in love with him.

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