Halfway there — Spiderlings are 4 weeks

As mentioned last week, the puppies were finally ready for visitors, and boy did they have them! David, who will be getting one of the boys got to come by and we finally met in person after FOUR years! He was originally on our list for one of Halo’s puppies but then had to back out at the last minute. 6 months later he was back, and although I tried to refer him to other breeders, he really wanted to wait for something out of my line. So here we are 4 years later and I couldn’t be more excited to give him a pup! He already has training lined up, vet appointments made, and has done so much research on puppy prep and ownership. Seriously, one of these boys is really going to luck out with him as an owner 🙂

David with Fang

The other big milestone this week was expanding the puppies into a larger play area as they started to escape the whelping box this week. They love having the extra space to romp, pounce, kill-shake, and tug around with their toys.

Itsy with a little felt ball

The puppies also got a visit from Lauren and Bo (Louie’s parents!) Lauren and Bo were so sweet and came bearing gifts for the puppies AND for all the adult dogs in the house. Cheeky was especially excited to see her Aunt & Uncle and they couldn’t get over how Cheeky has so many of the same mannerisms as Lou! It was super cute. We all stayed up way too late, but it was the best visit and way to spend a Friday night!

Auntie Lauren is here!!!

The puppies are learning to be real dogs and are starting to get a lot of one-on-one time to hopefully help with human bonding and prevent separation anxiety from their litter. It’s crazy to think we are halfway through their time here; it’s all just going so quickly.