Halo hits the balloon fiesta!

This past weekend we spent with Jenny’s family in Albuquerque.  Originally, we had planned for the whole pack to join in on the fun, but there is a hunt test coming up and Karma’s co-owner, Tad, wanted to get her on birds at least once before the test.  When we pulled up to his house to drop off Karma on the way South, Indy threw an absolute fit that he didn’t get to stay with Tad.  So Tad said Indy could stay too.

So we got back on the road with Halo and Schmavitz and we gotta admit — potty stops with 2 dogs goes much more quickly!  The event this weekend was the celebration of marriage of Jenny’s cousin Daniel, and his wife, Melissa.  Jenny has a HUGE family, so there were cousins, siblings, and dogs galore!  It also so happens that this weekend is the famous Albuquerque balloon festival!

Friday night we met up with a bunch of family for a nice steak dinner.  Before we left we popped Jenny’s brother’s standard poodle, Tybee, in our hotel room.  Halo & Tybee are BEST friends and they must have had a ball because when we got back to the hotel, all three dogs were sleeping on the bed.  We had to wake them up for steak leftovers!

Halo SO tired after playing with her cousin Tybee.

Yesterday, we kicked the day off with a super early wake up call to go see the balloons fill up and take off.  If you’ve never seen a balloon fiesta — you need to!  It’s pretty darn amazing 🙂  We followed that up with a big family brunch.  Then we went out on a long hike, again with Tybee, and we grabbed Mungo too — Jenny’s parents’ dog, plus Jenny’s cousin, her kids and Chad and Autumn (Jenny’s brother & sister-in-law.)  The hike was fantastic and even included some bouldering.  It’s funny how different the landscapes can look just one state South!

This is just about half of the family, lol!  Huge Irish Catholic family!

With the pups sufficiently worn out, we headed out to the wedding celebration.  Daniel and Melissa were married in Iceland, so last night was the party to celebrate and toast their happiness.  It was beautiful!!  It was held out Jenny’s Aunt’s home up in the mountains outside ABQ.  Specialty cocktails, great food, fun music, and the best fam-damily!  We had so much fun.

Now, it’s back up to Denver to pick up Karma and Indy, but Halo is already excited for Christmas vacation when she gets to see Tybee again!

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