Happy 1st Birthday Baby Halos!

We all survived our first year with crazy, wild, Vizsla Puppies! Today The Baby Halos celebrated their first birthdays! We still have Louie here with us while his parents travel, and it was so nice to see Maggie yesterday.


Maggie, Kizmar 5280 Magnolia Halo JH TKN, is our hunting star! She is living the life with her owners, Byron & Catherine, and dog sister, Cotton. She has been lucky to get on birds and she and Byron made quick work of that Junior Hunter title! Catherine and Maggie made their ring debut yesterday, and there is no better debut than a blue-ribbon-debut! Maggie looked great in the ring and we are excited to watch as she and Catherine take on this new challenge. Maggie has also been training for agility and we look forward to seeing what she accomplishes there in the coming year!


Cheeky, Kizmar 5280 Someone’s Halo Slipped TKI, is the light of our lives. She has settled in well to our pack and has even convinced Schmavitz to cuddle with her in last month! That is a big feat! Cheeky will be trying out NAVHDA next weekend and then hopefully we can get her to a hunt test this fall. She has been going to an agility foundation class on Mondays and has 10 points and both majors in the show ring. We love every minute with our Cheeky Baby and are enjoying her daily antics.


Louie, Kizmar 5280 Halo I’m Louie, lives the outdoor boy life in Boulder! He is Bo’s best buddy and we constantly get texts after his hikes, trail runs, and swims. He has taken a couple spins around the show ring, and his bomb proof temperament has been so evident in this setting. His tail never stops wagging and he has the most handsome face! Out of the entire litter, he got the closest to Halo’s look — with those doll eyes and big beautiful ears. We are so excited to watch him grow up and jump into bird work again this Fall.

Halo jumping for joy that her babies are all thriving at age 1

We feel so lucky to have our puppies in such perfect homes and can’t wait to watch them grow up in the years to come!

Love the photos? Please check out Allison Mae Photography. She’s the best!

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