Karma is a new PCD!

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Coming off Karma’s awesome Agility yesterday, we were thinking that high might just carry us all week, BUT she kept up her performances today too!

Karma picked up her 4th Rally Advanced Excellent leg.  You get these legs when you qualify in both Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent in the same day.  She only ever competes in it at Nationals, as part of the Iron Dog competition, but kinda fun to see her success!

Another thing that Karma only competes in at Nationals is some of the optional Obedience classes.  This year, she finished up her Preferred Companion Dog title!  Very exciting — next year, we will try for a Companion Dog leg!  Her PCD qualify was also good enough for 2nd place and a fancy new title ribbon at Nationals!

Karma was also sitting in Bronze medal position through the Rally trial, but fell to the 4th place slot after the Obedience trial.  Happy with our Veteran’s performances so far this week!

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