Our favorite “Tunnel Suck”

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Karma — The sweetest sugar face!

Karma. It’s no secret that Karma is Jenny’s heart dog. She’s been the most perfect dog, and we are so blessed to have her. And suddenly in the last year or two, she’s figured that out too, lol! Our friend Katherine calls Karma a Diva. She isn’t wrong. Karma has such a huge fan club, she gets EVERYTHING she wants. Treats in your pocket? She will sit and nudge your pocket with her nose. If you don’t feed her? Then she really turns on the charm; squishes her nose, wags her tail, and stomps her feet. No one is immune to that. Treats come pouring out of pockets and all is well in her world.

We don’t trial often in the winter because we spend every chance we get in Vail. That kinda goes for the summer too! But this weekend, the trial was being hosted by Palmer Divide Agility Club and they always ask Jenny to score the 2nd ring. So agility it was.

Our little “Diva” had a banner weekend, taking EVERY single off course tunnel option, and then went out of her way to create some. It was pretty hysterical, she was having an awesome time. She did end up with a Q in Premier which was good for 2nd place, and a Q in Standard with a 3rd place ribbon. When she’s good, she’s good!

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Karma with her ribbons!

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