Our first Vail Moose!

We are back in Denver after a fab weekend in Vail. Since this was the only “free” weekend we had in October, we headed up to the High Country to celebrate Jenny’s birthday (10/29.)

The moose spotted from the dog park!

Friday night we got there in time for Marc to take Cheeky for a quick spin around our dog park. And he spotted a MOOSE!! They are not common for this part of the valley, so it was pretty exciting. He called Jenny since the moose was headed towards the condo, and she spotted it too! He was huge!! A very cool sighting and one of those experiences that makes you grateful to live in Colorado.

Saturday, we celebrated Jenny’s. birthday, first with a long hike, then a trip to the Arrabella Spa. Followed by a little time in the Village and then over to our friend Heather’s for dinner! We even got a picture of Gunner and Karma. They are first cousins and only a month apart! This year they both turned 10!

Gunner & Karms

Today, Jenny hiked with Heather and her daughter Hailey and brought along Cheeky and Halo. They all had a ball and the girls enjoyed showing Gunner their favorite hike. With snow already on the ground, we are all pretty excited about the ski season ahead!

Cheeky wearing Halo’s coat and looking so grown up!

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