RATS, Halo!

This was our last local show for probably a long time, and we were so excited to get Louie in the ring one last time for the year. That boy is a pleasure to show! However, his sweet Mom, Lauren, got accepted to a super exciting clinical fellowship which required that they all pick up and move to Florida for 9 months. We are thrilled for Lauren, and we think Louie is going to LOVE being a beach bum! Their house in Florida even has a pool so we can’t wait to get pictures of him swimming! Just know he is going to love it!

Cheeky and Louie after their nice, long, run!

Before we bid them a “see you soon” we met up at Westminster dog park to get in a long run together. Getting ready to move is never easy and super time consuming, so we are so thankful they were able to prioritize some time away from packing for a romp!

Without Louie to show, we decided to enter Halo & Cheeky in the Barn Hunt trial at the dog show instead. However, Cheeky tore a pad running around like a banshee with Louie, so Halo got to be the special dog all on her own. She LOVES it when that happens.

Saturday she was on fire qualifying in BOTH trials! She also took first place both times too! We came back out on Sunday and she was able to nab her last leg!! That makes her a new Barn Hunt Senior Hunter! The title is a RATS title which is also pretty hysterical. Halo is definitely a fan of her quarantine game!

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