Swimming lessons with Nigel

Today, I took Halo, Cheeky, and Boujee up to Nederland to go hiking with Pete and Nigel (fka Venom.) Nederland is one of my favorite places to head in the sweltering Denver summer, and having a puppy home that’s a local is a HUGE bonus! He definitely knows all the secret spots!

A big pack of Vizslas swimming! We had so much fun!

It was so fun getting out of my car at Pete’s and seeing how excited Nigel was to see me! He could hardly contain himself. So cute! Then he ran to the back of my car and tried to jump in my crate with his Mom/Nana/Sister — pretty cute! Once we hit the trail, I got to see what a great trail dog he is becoming and how much work Pete is putting into training him. Definitely makes a breeder’s heart so happy!

And then to really make my heart swell with pride he started real swimming today!! My fearless little man watched his Mom and Grandma jump in, and per usual, problem solved his way into figuring it out. Boujee gave it a go too, but Cheeky dunked her and she decided that was enough swimming for the day, lol! I loved watching my puppies “jump in” to a new activity today with the same spunk and confidence they have displayed since they could walk.


We had such a fun day (we hiked for 5 hours!) and I loved getting to see my thriving yellow boy and how much he means to Pete. Really, really, makes me so happy.

Tonight, my brother, Chad, arrives, and tomorrow we will pick up the rest of his fam from the airport. I can’t wait to see how Boujee does with my nieces!