The Redcoats are coming!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  We spent the 4th up in Vail Valley, enjoying everything our beautiful Rockies have to offer.  The puppies loved the midweek vacation day and all the extra attention it provided.

After sleeping in a little this morning, we headed up the hill around 10.  As soon as we arrived we grabbed a quick lunch, Moe’s BBQ in Eagle — amazing!  And it doesn’t get more American than BBQ, right?  Then we headed over to the Eagle County Fairgrounds.  Usually, there is a dog show up here in Eagle every year, but sadly, the show has been discontinued, indefinitely. But, since we were familiar with the grounds, we knew there would be some space to stretch their legs.

First we hit the big grassy field and let them run, wrestle, and pounce each other.  Once tongues were wagging, we headed down to the creek.  There is a tube launching area that worked perfectly.  It was far enough from the rapids to provide a safe area for the dogs to cool off.  There were also these big rocks, conveniently placed stepping stone distance apart.  Jenny’s plan was to get out far enough to take pictures back towards the shore.  After getting a good 15 feet and about 6 rocks out, Jenny turned around to start snapping pics.  Surprise, surprise — there was Karma!  She had just jumped from rock to rock right behind her Momma.  What can we say?  She is SUCH a velcro dog!

So we turned it into a game and did some balance and dexterity work with Karma.  We think it was good prep for her agility trial this weekend 🙂  Indy and Karma had so much fun retrieving sticks and playing keep away.  Even little Schmavitz got in on the action.  He did a little swimming and then jumped from rock to rock out to Jenny to get a little cuddle time.

After the dogs were cool, we headed back up to the fairgrounds to let them dry off.  Now that they were wet, they really went for it!  Running, playing, and chasing full kilter.  I don’t think we will ever tire of watching them run — they are just so darn beautiful!

Once everyone was nice and dry, we headed back to our hotel to enjoy the rest of our evening — and it did involve some televised fireworks (ban on fireworks up here due to fire danger) and major snuggling with our red kids!  We hope you all enjoyed your 4th as much as we did — so nice to live in a country where the biggest worry today was if we had enough sunblock on!  Special thanks to our favorite USAF Captains — Creed and Chad, and all the other military members who serve this wonderful country.