Welcome to the Baby Halos!

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This afternoon, a storm rolled in, lightening shot across the sky, and our Angels arrived in a rapid 35 minutes!  Being Halo’s baby angels, we went with a “Charlie’s Angels” theme.

Meet our Baby Halos, born 8.18.18:
Kate (teal) 17.0 oz, 3:00pm💚
Farrah (yellow) 16.2 oz, 3:09pm💛
Bosley (blue) 18.5 oz, 3:35pm💙

Yesterday, when Jenny was leaving for her board meeting in Minnesota, Halo refused her breakfast.  She ran in and woke up Marc to share the news.  Marc stumbled out of bed, took Halo’s temperature and confirmed it had dropped.  He then got back in bed and Halo jumped right up next to him and cuddled into him.  Jenny was convinced Marc was going to wake up to a puppy in his bed!

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As it was, Halo did not have the babies until this afternoon.  Jenny had a webcam going throughout her meeting, and truth be told, if you have to be away for a whelping, you want to be in a Vizsla Club of America board meeting with a room full of breeders! Everyone was so excited for us.  Halo started hard labor at 1:00pm and Marc and Tad were trying to keep an eye on her and send data to Whelpwise to monitor the contractions.  Marc was also checking heartbeats to ensure the puppies were not in danger.  Right before 3:00, our friend Fran arrived.  Fran has helped deliver a bunch of Vizsla litters and even delivered our Indy!  It made us so happy to have her there to help deliver!  The Whelpwise advisor was getting a bit irrational saying that Marc needed to take Halo in for a C section.  But Fran got there and saved the day.  She confirmed Marc’s thoughts and gave him some advice to have a smooth delivery. (Had they listened to the Whelpwise lady, those puppies would all have been born in the car!)

The funniest part was right before the first puppy came.  Please picture the scene — Marc attending to Halo and Fran advising him. Tad is behind them on the phone with Sarah Barr and texting Jenny & Kathy Rust in a group message.  Then Sarah, Kathy, Jenny, and the whole VCA Board are watching and weighing in via text message.  Someone told Tad to take Halo’s Orvis bed out of the box.  Well, that did not go well, she started trying to escape the box and get her temperpedic mattress back!  So Tad put the bed back in the box and Kathy advised him to layer it with a ton of the hospital pads.  With her cushy bed back in her box, Halo delivered Kate within minutes!  We were all laughing that the princess refused to have her puppies on a hard floor!

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As the puppies came out, Tad would wave a hospital pad back to the camera — Pink, pink, and then blue!  It was an afternoon of pure elation! ❤️

Halo is a very attentive Mom and seems to be loving her new role. A huge thank you to Marc’s whelper helpers, Fran & Tad for bringing these Pups safely into the world. Thank you to Kathy Rust, Sarah Barr, and the VCA Board for the advice, direction, and shared joy through our exciting day! ❤️

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