7 weeks means evals!

What a super busy, crazy week!!! The Spiderlings have turned into wild little screaming alligators during playtime together, but man! can they turn it on during evals and training!

Mastering their sit before I open up the gate! So smart!

Last Sunday, my friend, Dan, helped me take them on a field trip to my new house! It provided a scenery change which always adds an extra element to training. Dan and I repeated the scent circle exercise we did last week, but then also did a small track. Fang and Itsy Bitsy were standouts, but all four did well. I’m super impressed with their work ethic after car crate time, a new yard, and waiting turns in an x-pen.

Chillaxing on their crate ride.
Chillin’ in their x-pen waiting turns to do scent circles on their field trip.

The puppies also got a visit from my Cousin, Shannon, and her baby Lincoln mid-week. I feel so lucky that I have so many friends/family with young kids that have been able to come socialize these puppies. I think they are going to all love kids forever!

Visitors really wear them out!

Lindsay, Austin, and I did another round of small tracks with the puppies mid-week and they all did a good job of using their little noses and brains. I think any of these puppies would do well at scent work or tracking if their homes choose to take them down that path.

Yesterday, the puppies went to see my friend Mary for their tempermanet test. If you remember, Mary not only temperament tested the Baby Halos, but also saved me on C-section day! She nailed the personalities of Maggie, Cheeky, and Louie, so I was so excited she was able to test out my Amazing Spiderlings.

Venom loving on Mary during his test. They all loved this portion of the test 🙂

The puppies did awesome. Mary really had to split hairs to force rank the puppies. Venom was scared of nothing; Mary popped open the umbrella and he ran up jumped inside it and walk around while it tilted. HA! Pretty much sums up the day!

After those evals, Lindsay, Austin, and I took the puppies to a brewery for some socialization and fun. Needless to say, they were a huge hit! Everyone wanted to meet them, and they figured out how to nap in a SUPER loud environment 🙂

Brewery naps for Venom and Itsy Bitsy

Today we did the agility evaluations which is always my favorite day. My friends Katherine and Mary came to help evaluate with me, Byron (Maggie’s Dad) and Bo & Lauren (Louie’s Dad) came to assist, Lindsay was there to take notes, Marc came to take pictures, and Pete (a new potential boy home) and David came to watch the pups in action. It was such a fun day. The puppies did a round on a baby chute, dog walk, and wobble board — big thanks to my friend Ginger for lending me the puppy equipment again this year! Then we all took a break for lunch that I catered in before repeating a second round. All puppies mastered the equipment doing tricks on the wobble board, the higher dog walk, and a closed chute. If anyone decides to do agility with these puppies, they are going to have a great time!!

And finally, we are so super happy to say that Goose, the Baby Daddy, got an Award of Merit at Vizlsa Nationals this week!! He is barely two. We are just so proud and happy for him and Claire!

Woohoo!! Go Goose and Claire!! Isn’t he such a handsome Daddy Dog?!

I can’t believe I only have a week left with these babies. It’s been so much work, but has gone by so fast!