Spiderling Go Home Day

It seems like today got here in a blink, but it also feels like it was so much work and so little sleep! I am just over the moon with this litter. With all the emotions over the last several months — navigating the break-up, Cheeky’s spider bite, the c-section, trying to find/buy a house, raise puppies, and not be a total mooch on my friends, these puppies and how they turned out is the absolute bright spot. There is NO WAY I could have had this litter without the generosity of Austin and Lindsay.

Probably my most favorite picture of Austin and the puppies was taken this week! LOL!

Thank you will never be enough, and I know I can never make it up to them, but I just feel so grateful to have them in my life. I also couldn’t have done it without Tad. He came over so many times to watch the puppies so I could work, run errands, close on my house, etc. I have an absolutely amazing tribe and the last 5 months have really proved that to me 🙂

Ok, enough gushing. The puppies continued their socializing and exposures this week. This week they checked out a ball pit,

met my friends – the O’Boyles, had a rage for Cinco de Mayo,

Cheeky needs a margarita!
Me and the uber photogenic, Itsy Bitsy

met my vet (Julie Kelly, DVM) and the entire staff at VCA Aspenwood.

Clearly, they were super stressed out with their vet appointment 😉

They were an absolute HIT! They passed their health tests with flying colors and Dr. Kelly kept saying over and over again what fantastic temperaments they all have. I whole heartedly agree 🙂

So, go home day. Yesterday both Clair (Daddy Goose’s owner) and Lore, who would take home one of the girls today arrived. Last night, I put together their go home bags complete with baby books and us girls (Clair, Lore, Lindsay, me) shared some wine and crumb cake — a special treat brought from New Jersey from Lore! It was such a fun night of getting to know Lore. I never thought I’d place a puppy out of Colorado, but when I found out Lore wanted a puppy there was no hesitation. Lore owns relatives of Goose and was so excited to get a puppy out of his line, and I felt so honored that she wanted a female as a potential breeding dam down the line! Finally getting to hang out in person solidified for me that she was the perfect home for a Spiderling puppy, just like David and Pete!

After conformation and bird evals today, this is how the chips fell. Meet the Spiderlings with their new fancy names:

Fang is now Miles, 5280 Alfa Romeo Spider, and his owner David.
Venom is now Nigel, 5280 Spiderweb in Ned, and his owner, Pete!
Charlotte is now Boujee, 5280 She Apres Skis in Spyder, and she’s my keeper!
Itsy Bitsy is now Charlee, 5280 This Itsy Bitsy Spider is Irresistible, with her owner Lore!

Go be amazing my Spiderlings! I love you all SOOOOOOOO much!