Baby Halos’ Fifth Week

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Photo by the fabulous Allison Mae Photography!

Five weeks old today!  Our Baby Halos are getting so big!  This week they learned about clicker training.  We started on Monday just practicing taking treats from hand, all three caught on quickly.  Happy they could take a treat, we moved on to powering up the clicker on Thursday.  They were all able to take the treats directly in front of them and by yesterday, they were reaching for treats away from their mouth after hearing the click!  Excited to start taking it to the next level this coming week!

Kate & Halo — Kate has been so feminine since day 1!

We’ve also been introducing something new each day.  The favorite this week had to be the sit n spin!  The puppies loved getting on it spinning, falling, and slipping.  They also loved getting to start exploring around outside this week.  And Schmavitz appreciates that they can’t jump onto the lounge chair yet!

The Baby Halos got their first raw meaty bones this week.  The bones were a great workout as the puppies pulled and tugged to get the meat off.

We also had another slew of visitors, but our favorite our the neighbor kids.  They come over in a pack and scream and writhe around the puppies, and the puppies haven’t had a fear response yet, so it was the perfect socialization exercise!

And today they had their first modeling shoot!  Our friend Allison Schwickerath, who we’ve hired in the past to take family photos, asked if she could come try some newborn shots!  We’ve been sending her photos of the puppies faces and she thought they would be the right look by today.  The photo above is our favorite!  We had so much fun wrangling puppies and Allison couldn’t believe how wiggly 5 week old puppies are!

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