Baby Halos’ Second Week

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Yep!  That’s Farrah nursing upside down again, followed by Kate and Bosley.

These puppies are getting SO fun!  On Tuesday, Bosley was the first to open his eyes!  This meant we had to start being conscious of how bright the room is.  No biggie, since the whelping box is in the guest room, but for their snuggle sessions outside the room we had to remind ourselves.  Kate wasn’t far behind and opened her eyes on Wednesday.  Farrah, on the other hand was toddling by Thursday!  That girl is going places!

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Kate cuddling with Halo.

We also needed a couple more pads for the puppies to sleep and nurse on.  The idea is they move off it to potty and start learning not to mess where they sleep.  However, it’s not a perfect art yet, hence we needed some extra.  We got these Yak fleece mats from the Puppy Culture site and they are amazing!  Wash like a dream and obviously, Bosley gives them his seal of approval!

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And remember how terrifying clipping nails was last week?  Our friend Sally Maxwell (English Springer Spaniel breeder) sent us a diamond dremmel head to use on the puppy nails.  Big improvement, and look how cute Bosley is getting his first pedicure with his eyes open!

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Puppies continued their ENS protocols that we talked about last week and they all are doing well on weight!  Farrah decided she was done being the lightest puppy and went straight to the heaviest!

Kate: 3 lbs 7.5 oz

Farrah: 3 lbs 12 oz

Bosley 3 lbs 11 oz

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