Boujee and Collins girls weekend

Nothing like socializing a puppy! For about a week, I’m taking care of Lindsay’s Collins while she and Austin take a much needed vacation to Florida. Collins is still a bit of a puppy too, so we are all having fun getting out and about. This weekend, Cheeky and Halo went to their Dad’s house and I took the opportunity to head to the high country.

Boujee and Collins enjoying the outdoor concert in Frisco.

Our first stop was Silverthorne where we stayed at my friend Jenny’s house. We went over to Frisco for their outdoor concert series and enjoyed being serenaded by Lainey Lou and the Bird Dogs. Boujee and Collins got a ton of socialization and handled all the kids, loud music, and humans milling about with flying colors. Jenny was nice enough to let us spend the night and we took advantage of the trail around the pond right outside her back door.

Enjoying the trail in Jenny’s backyard!

Then after some work, we ended the week in Vail. We spent Saturday hiking with Heather and her V, Willow. Following the hike we took the girls for a dip at the local pond. Boujee is getting more and more confident in the water and it’s so fun to watch! After completely wearing out the girls our friend Brit came over and we enjoyed a fun girls night of prosecco, wine, and a cheese plate!

Boujee, Collins, and Willow on our hike
Boujee and Collins fishing in the river outside the condo.

We wrapped up the weekend with some more socialization at the Vail Farmer’s market. It was an absolutely ideal weekend exposing the girls to the wonders of the world. Proud of how they took it all in stride!

Boujee checking out the Farmers Market wares.