Cheeky checks out Salida

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Uncle Wyn & Cheeky posing outside the iconic Capricorn Sports

Jenny had another work trip scheduled that was going to cover 600 miles in 2 days. Since Cheeky isn’t trusted out of her crate with free access to the doggie door like the rest of the pack, it meant she got to hit the road on another work trip.

Jenny’s co-worker, Jenny, (yes, really) was coming along too, so we had a super fun road trip ahead! Our first stop was Alamosa, Colorado where Jenny was kind enough to potty Cheeky while Jenny paid for the lunch we were taking into our account. Cheeky was an angel in her crate while we worked and only got a little squeaky towards the end of the road trip to Salida, Colorado. It was a long 6 hour day in the car, but Cheeky handled it like a champ.

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Cheeky’s favorite part of our hotel was definitely the walk in shower.
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Look closely, behind Cheeky, you’ll see that they provided a cute puppy placemat and bowls for Cheeky!

After checking into the awesome Pet Suite at the Palace Hotel in Salida, we headed over to the hospital to pick up Uncle Wyn from Fran. You’ll remember that Fran helped deliver Cheeky (and our very first V Indy too!!) and helped countless days when Jenny & Marc needed someone to check on the puppies during the work week.

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Cheeky and Uncle Wyn hiking with an absolutely stunning backdrop!

Wyn is Kai’s littermate, which also makes him a half brother (both have Tok as a Daddy) to Karma! He is a LEGIT uncle! Anyway, we picked up Wyn and then took both Wyn and Cheeky on a nice little hike, and just in time too! It started spitting rain/snow as we were coming to the end of the quick 45 minute hike. At this age, we really watch how long we let Cheeky exercise as she is still a growing little bunny!

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Wyn and Cheeky were such good posers!

After the hike, we hit the town for a few photo opportunities, and then walked Wyn back to Fran’s house. Cheeky was an absolute star at the hotel. Jenny even woke up at 3:00am and geared up for a brisk potty break. Cheeky did not want to go! So back in we went, and she held it until 6:30 am when she wanted breakfast.

Before hitting the road today, the Jennys and Cheeky did another 45 minute hike and then headed to Gunnison for lunch before heading back to Denver. With another 6 hour roadtrip under her belt, we can officially certify Cheeky as a road warrior!

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Wyn and Cheeky ready to ride the rails!

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