Baby Halos earn their first titles!

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Jenny/Cheeky and Catherine/Maggie showing off their new title ribbons!

Couldn’t be more proud of Cheeky and Maggie today! At the ripe old age of 5 months and 1 day, both Cheeky and Maggie passed their Trick Dog Novice certification today!

To complete the test, they each had to do 10 tricks two times. They make you do it a second time to make sure it wasn’t a fluke that they did the trick.

We loved getting to watch Maggie compete. She was so focused on Catherine and hardly spent any time thinking about what was being asked of her. It was clear Catherine and Byron have really been working with her and proofing her obedience skills. She was always the puppy that LOVED working for people, and now that she has people of her own, she is absolutely shining.

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Catherine signaling Maggie to take the jump!

Cheeky was next and did a pretty great job too. She got a little bored towards the end and Jenny had to really work to get the last puppy pushup (sit to a down, then sit to a down) out of her, but we did it!

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Cheeky deciding if she is going to pop back into a sit or not!

With the new titles, Maggie and Cheeky get to sport some new fancy names:

Maggie — Kizmar 5280 Magnolia Halo TKN
Cheeky — Kizmar 5280 Someone’s Halo Slipped TKN

Can’t wait to see what these girls take on next!

And not to be out-done, Karma and Jenny picked up a QQ today before heading over to the trick dog certification!

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