Cheeky learning manners

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Cheeky on the patio for lunch!

Looking back at the last few posts and it’s ALL CHEEKY ALL THE TIME. On our puppy questionnaire we ask how people are going to socialize and arrange for care if they work full time. Raising a puppy takes a lot of work and is a huge time commitment. But doing it right is SO worth the effort!

Today is a good example of the concessions we make. Cheeky is a little less than 5 months today, meaning that she can really only be expected to hold it in her crate for about 5-6 hours. Jenny had to work in Pueblo, Colorado today which is a 4 hour round trip, plus time working in both Pueblo and Colorado Springs on the way back. The solution? Bring Cheeky along!

Cheeky is a great traveler. We started her young with the first roadtrip for the Baby Halos at 7 weeks. She knows to settle in her crate and we always make sure she has some safe toys and a chewy to keep her busy when we have to step away from the car. Luckily, at this time of year in Colorado, it is easy to keep the car cool and the dogs safe.

For lunch, Jenny stopped at Tokyo Joe’s — kinda a fast casual Japanese restaurant that has a patio. With her bed next to the table and a bowl of water from the Tokyo Joe’s staff. We worked on her sitting politely while we ate. For her good behavior, she was rewarded every couple minutes with a piece of her kibble. Hopefully, this is the first step to a very polite patio dog in a few years!

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