Cheeky’s first trip to Vail

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Cheeky finally got to go to Vail!  Jenny “had” to work in Edwards and Glenwood today, so yesterday, she loaded up Halo and Cheeky for a roadtrip!  We stayed last night in the Vail condo and Cheeky was a rockstar.  She didn’t have any accidents and she did leashed walking like a champ.

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Cheeky napping on our couch.  She was such a great traveler 🙂

Today, Cheeky and Halo hung out in our car (in our variocage crate — if you are in the market, they are awesome!) and had several visits from nurses at the clinics Jenny was visiting.  They both loved all the visits and all the attention they got everywhere we stopped.

So very proud of our puppy!  Jenny has another work roadie in a few weeks that she will do with just Cheeky alone.  This was a great dress rehearsal and we are confident she can do the next one alone.  Cheeky also loved exploring along the shoreline of the creek outside our condo. We are thinking she may have her Mother’s water genes!

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