Karma gets a QQ at LPDTC

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Cheeky experiencing her first snow last Sunday!  She loved it!

We are so proud of little Karma!  After putting up with puppy raising, she came out this weekend and picked up a QQ!  The days were pretty long, because it was our club, Longs Peak Dog Training Club’s agility trial.  So we brought Cheeky along to share an x-pen with Karma.  We were hoping she would be able to meet some friendly dogs and other puppies, plus get to meet a ton of dog lovers.  We try to have our dogs meet as many people and dogs in their first 14 weeks.  The Baby Halos got to meet a bunch of people while they were in our home, and about a dozen good-with-puppies dogs, but they still need a ton of exposure to be the bomb-proof Vs we want them to be.

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Cheeky with her new friend Chaz.

So imagine our delight, when we saw Maggie’s Mom, Catherine and her other dog Cotton at the agility trial!  She was equally excited to see Cheeky and said she would text Byron and have him stop by.  Byron was at a class with Maggie — don’t we have the best homes?  Anyway, after the class, they stopped by and Maggie and Cheeky were able to wrestle around the rest of the day and all day today.  They had the best time!

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The girls learned quickly that if that sat when people approached, treats rained down.  They are becoming quite the canine citizens!

Karma was patient with the puppies and loved that every time someone walked up to the x-pen they gave her treats too!  With her QQ this weekend, she also picked up 40 PACH points!  If we would have had time to enter more trials this fall, she likely would have qualified for the PNAC even though she barely moved down to the 16″ class this summer!  That’s okay, we wouldn’t have traded having the puppies for anything!

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Worn out puppy dogs!



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