Easter & Agility!

Happy Easter everyone!  This weekend was the first (we think of many) camping trips for Jenny and Heather.  If you are new to our site — Heather is our agility partner in crime and owns Gunner.  Gunner is Karma’s first cousin (his mom, Tokaji, is a full littermate to Karma’s daddy, Tok.)  We started talking agility lessons together last October and this is our 2nd agility trial together.  So the details on our camping trip…

Heather decided that since the trial was in Castle Rock, that was just far enough (from Loveland) that she would rather camp out all weekend in Douglas County.  So she lugged her super nice camper down for the weekend and invited us to stay.  We set up camp Friday night with Heather, her daughter Hailey, and of course Gunner.  Indy is on the injured list after a surgery a week ago, so Marc stayed up in Denver with the boys — Indy and Schmav.

Friday night was tons of fun.  One of our trainers, Sarah (we highly suggest her 2×2 weaves training class!) and Ginger (another V owner) came over for dinner in the camper.  It was SO good.  Heather BBQ’ed up some chicken and grilled asparagus.  Served it with her famous bleu cheese mashed potatoes, and we finished off the meal with the super yummy chocolate and key lime pies Ginger brought.

Saturday morning the cutest thing happened.  First, we should explain that Hailey is **IN LOVE** with Karma.  Every walk we took all weekend, she wanted to walk “her” dog.  She wanted to sleep with Jenny and Karma at night, and generally spent every spare second doting on the Karm.  Any how, Saturday morning, while Heather was showering and Jenny was getting ready.  Jenny happened to catch Hailey performing a little musical number with Karm.  Hailey was oblivious to being watched and just carried on — singing to Karm, dancing around her, kissing her face, etc.  It was *SO* cute!  Seriously bummed we didn’t get out the video camera…

Saturday, we were also surprised to see a beautiful blonde come walking in the arena with Karma’s Daddy — Tokaroo!  Jamie (Gunner and Karma’s Daddy’s breeder) was out visiting from California and dropped by to watch us in action.  It was great to see her and get some pep talks — SO sad she won’t be joining us at Nationals this year!

Obviously, today was Easter — so a 5:00 am feeding/potty session turned into an egg hiding extravaganza.  Then it was back to bed to wait for this kiddos to wake up (Heather’s hubby, Charlie and son Tanner had driven down Saturday afternoon.)  Tanner was first awake at 6:30 — and once he eyed his Easter basket there was no turning back.  He woke up Hailey and said the Easter Bunny had been there and left her a big basket.  Hailey rubbed at her eyes and then said with an extreme amount of concern, “What did the Easter Bunny bring Karma?”  Seriously, first words out of her mouth.  So stinkin’ cute!

After egg hunting and french toast it was off to agility to round out our super fun weekend.  The Vizslas were on fire today — out of the 11 runs that Vizslas were entered in, we received 9 qualifies!!  Here is the wrap-up and videos of our runs from the weekend.  Next stop Vizsla Nationals!!

Wrap up:

–Heather and Gunner finished their NAJ title and moved up to Open Jumpers!  So amazing at just their 2nd trial.  They also qualified for their first NA leg — super hard! They also won 1st place on both qualifying runs 🙂

–Karma and I finished her NA title and qualified for her first OA leg.  We also picked up two OAJ legs — giving us TWO DOUBLE Q’s this weekend!!  Karma won 1st place in 3 out of her 4 runs and 2nd in the fourth run.  She is officially out of the Novice class and well on her way in Open 🙂

Video links:

–Karma NA title leg: http://youtu.be/83atSmccBDU

–Gunner NAJ title leg: http://youtu.be/49-oFI1p2Ww

–Karma OAJ leg #1: http://youtu.be/hvEmGq3YOGQ

–Karma OAJ leg #2: http://youtu.be/KD7jo_qg5lY

–Gunner NA leg #1: http://youtu.be/VMXfu2etZTo

–Karma OA leg #1: http://youtu.be/S12iVOxrFbU