Fun with the Sporting dogs

Karma’s nephew Cruz.

This weekend was super fun!  Our club, the Mile High Sporting Dog Fanciers, held our semi-annual group show.  Jenny was again trophy chair and loved seeing all the smiling faces as people came to the trophy table to get their goods.  To add to the fun, we had Indy entered in Veteran Sweeps and Gun Dog Sweeps, Karma in Gun Dog Sweeps and the show itself.

Jenny was able to handle Indy in Veteran Sweeps and we did pretty well.  The judge gave the love to Sarah Wintrone and her old man Shiner though!  So that was pretty cool.  In Gun Dog Sweeps though, Indy and Jenny pulled out the win!  Our sweet little Master Hunter!  Gotta say, that was a pretty fun win.  By the time groups rolled around, Indy was a little stiff and uncomfortable — damn the cold temps and his arthritis!  Because he was so uncomfy, we pulled him from the breed ring.  However, Karma still showed (with Jenny!) and picked up Select for another GCH point!!  Adding to the fun, her nephew Cruz (Zeke x Darlin’) went WD to finish his Championship!

On Saturday, Karma and Sarah were able to pick up SB again!  Today was good for 2 GCH points, which means Karma is officially singled out!  The best part?  No dog show for us tomorrow!  We can totally sleep in and recover from all the hard work at the MHSDF show!  Seriously need it — just running things around our show Jenny logged 7.82 miles on the FitBit.  Crazy.

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