Halfway to Senior!

This was a BUSY week.

Indy was a bit of a roller coaster this week.  Jenny worked in the Mountains on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday night, she was busy and Indy was being super finicky.  He wouldn’t eat ANYTHING.  So she headed to Good Times and picked up some plain hamburger patties.  Indy GOBBLED them down.  YAY.  Then a couple hours later, he threw them up.  Off to the emergency vet we went (10:30pm) since vomiting is emergent after surgery.  They guessed it was just from the burgers, but we opted for X-rays and a mini blood panel to check for pneumonia (he had a little cough.)  The radiologist was a little concerned about his X-ray, so we opted to leave him there overnight until his Internal Medicine doctor (Jenna Ashton) could check him out in the morning.  He would also be monitored and get fluids all night, and Jenny had a conference to leave for the next day, so another vet trip would be difficult.  Dr. Ashton did an ultrasound and said his pancreas was “angry.”  Great.  Pancreatitis.  Most likely caused by stomach acid that touched his pancreas during surgery.  It’s a whimpy organ; just hates being messed with.  They wanted to keep him a couple more days, get more fluids in him and monitor longer.

There was a hunt test today, so both girls went out to get some brain stimulation with Marc on Thursday.  Halo was actually the little rockstar!  Steady to flush AND shot, retrieving to hand…all Master level skills.  We don’t usually bring our dogs out for advanced level (SH, MH) hunting tests until they are 5, but Halo just might convince us to get these titles out of the way early.  However, only Karma is entered in this test since we weren’t aware Halo was ready to be a rock star.  After bird work, Marc got a call that Indy was ready to pick up!  The girls were dropped and Indy was picked up and back home in record time 🙂

This weekend, our club, Longs Peak Dog Training Club, held their annual agility trial.  Since we would be there all weekend doing heavy lifting, we could only enter Karma in one hunting test even though it was a double-double weekend and four tests were available.  Seniors were only running last today, which would give us just enough time to make the 90 mile drive from Windsor to Strasburg.  We weren’t able to pin down any agility Qs this morning, but we screamed down to Strasburg and rolled in 30 minutes before our brace.  Karma was great.  Had a point in the bird field that the gunners didn’t have a shot for, but she held and didn’t chase after it!  YAY!  At this point she could do a call back for the retrieve and honor, but soon enough she found another bird that she was able to point and retrieve and then her Daddy Tok (running as a bye dog) went on point and Karma had a spectacular honor.  Go Karms!  With her first SH leg last Spring, she is now halfway to that SH title…wonder if we can get that off the goal list this year 🙂