Uncle Chad gets married

Jenny with her brothers Andrew, Chad, and Bill, nice to wear something besides agility clothes every now and then!

This was the BIG weekend.  Jenny’s brother Chad was getting married in Savannah, so we had a four day trip away planned.  However, Indy threw a wrench into our plans by having a few more complications right before we left town.  Luckily, our friend Fran works Monday – Wednesday, so she offered to take Indy when we left on Thursday.  This would provide him with 24 hour supervision, so Marc decided he could still make it to the wedding.  Phew!

Karma also had a little vacation planned.  Karma’s co-owner, Tad, was headed to Missouri with Karma’s half-brothers, Kai & Wyn.  Since Karma did well last weekend, we decided it was worth the entry fee to send her along this weekend too.  Low and behold, our little Karmalita picked up her 3rd Senior Hunter leg and was actually the only Senior or Master dog that qualified.  The conditions were pretty terrible, really wet grass and birds and super thick long grass, but Karma persevered!  Now we just need to find one more test to wrap up that title before the end of the year!

Chad and Autumn’s wedding was beautiful.  Jenny has a huge family (8 brothers and sisters!) and it was so nice to have everyone in one place!  We rented a housing complex that had three houses all off the same private courtyard so we had tons of time to catch up, BBQ, and socialize.  We also found some time to do some sight seeing around Savannah.  We met up here with Autumn & Chad and Creed & Naomi for a sibling couple trip a couple years ago, and it’s one of our favorite places.  It’s a great walking town with tons of history, great food and great people.  We highly recommend you make a visit!

We should also say a thank you to Caitlin who babysat Halo, Schmavitz, and the fish for us this weekend!  It was so nice to leave our home and pups in her very capable hands. 🙂

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