Halo is a Special!

Jenny had a whole week of celebrating her birthday — with agility and a visit from Mom last weekend, to a trip home to Texas for her 10 year college reunion this weekend.  And since we were headed out of town, we needed to find puppy sitters for all the kids.  Halo’s handler, Sarah Wintrone, was headed to a show in New Mexico and asked if she could take Halo.  Yikes.  We have never sent our dogs on the road with a handler, but knew we could trust Sarah.  Her breed is Vizslas too, so she gets that they are snuggle muffins.  She promised to let them sleep in bed with her and take them for off-leash exercise, so we signed up Indy and Halo for the Sporting Dog Fanciers of New Mexico show in Rio Rancho.

Karma and Schmav had their own puppy-sitter stay at the house so they could be in their own surroundings.  It was pretty cute getting pictures from Caitlin when Schmav finally decided she was worthy…the photo was him all snuggled next to her in the chair…a position he will keep until you get up!

Saturday was a pretty perfect day.  Marc and Jenny got to see Johnny Manziel play at Jenny’s alma mater, Texas A&M.  Johnny won the Heisman last year and is super fun to watch…and seeing it live at Kyle Field was a day to remember!  Meanwhile in New Mexico, Halo went Best of Breed!  This is her second BOB, and the second time she has taken Breed over a ranked special.  If you are new…this means she won over a dog on the current Vizsla Top 20 list.  Cool, right?  Baby Halo!  Yesterday’s win was under Judge Joy Brewster who gave Halo her first Grand Champion major (photo above of that win) in Nebraska about a month ago!  Later in the group, Halo made the cut!!  Really nice to make the cut at a specialty show 🙂

Today was an even better day in the show ring — Halo took ANOTHER Best of Breed for ANOTHER 5 point major, and Indy went Select Dog for a 3 point major!  That leaves Halo at 22 Grand Champion points and Indy has 23!  Then in the group ring, Baby Halo made the cut again!  We are so proud of Halo and Sarah Wintrone for their huge strides this weekend, and so happy Tina Secord could handle Indy for us as she did in Nebraska.  Just a few singles left for each of them, and there is a Vizsla specialty and 5 days of shows next weekend, so wish us luck!