Halo is halfway to Senior!

Can you tell how wet Halo is?  See all the raindrops on the window?  This is right after her run — she is clearly having a discussion with Marc about the hunting conditions.  Don’t worry, he put the seat heater on for her 😉

Today the Ohio half (Jenny, Karma and their friends) headed to an agility trial just 45 minutes away from our host hotel site.  We also visited this trial before the National in 2012, and we were excited to be back!  Karma had a good day, picking up a JWW Q and 12 MACH points.  Go Tarmie!

But back in Colorado, Marc and his Halo had an amazing day.  First off, the conditions were miserable, rainy and cold.  Doesn’t make for much fun for anyone, especially the judges, gunners, and trial committee who had to be in the wet stuff all day.  Our thanks to those who braved the weather and kept the test on track.  Halo was a good little girl and worked her way to her second SH leg!  In fact, Halo was the ONLY Senior to pass today — what a girl!  Her friend Wyn that she has been training with picked up his first MH leg!  Super exciting day 🙂

In Perfect Halo fashion, her record in the field is now perfect too!  She went 4 for 4 to get her JH last year at a Double Double.  Now she is 2 for 2 for Senior!  Having a perfect record is no easy feat, and with all the variables that can happen at a hunt test, we don’t expect her to maintain her perfection, but then again it IS Halo.  She loves being Little-Miss-Perfect.  Guess we will see!

There aren’t any more hunt tests we can do this Spring, and plan to breed Halo at her next cycle, but we will see if we can sneak in another opportunity this fall.

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