Healing hearts in Vail

It’s been a pretty bleak few weeks without Karma. But, with the long weekend on the docket, we decided to get out of Denver and up to Vail. It was in Vail that Jenny first figured out Karma was getting sick, so it was a bit emotional to get back up there.

But, we did it. And it was actually just what we needed. We took Halo & Cheeky on a nice hike each day, going up to about 9,000 feet and with a gentle snow falling. It was so PEACEFUL. The last few months have lacked peace with all the heartache we were experiencing, so the peace was much needed.

And then in the middle of the National Forest, we stumbled across a fir tress decked out in pink ornaments. Pink was Karma’s color, and it just seemed like the most perfect sign that she’s looking out for us.

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