Halo’s first RATM leg

So proud of Halo! She got to be the special dog today and did two trials at Matrix Dog. She is really getting so easy to read, and much faster with her searches. She qualified in both Crazy 8 runs, picking up 100 points!

And the news we are most excited about? She also earned her first Master leg in a one rat hide! Master is so hard! You have 1-5 rats and you have to call clear when you think your dog has found all the rats! Needless to say, only finding one plays tricks on the handler’s brain and is pretty demotivating to the dog if you make them keep searching in areas with no rats! However, Jenny and Halo pulled it together and Halo even earned 1st place and High in Trial for the Master A dogs! She is definitely still loving her quarantine game in 2021! The video of the run is below ūüôā

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