High in Trial at the Sporting Dogs

Whew.  We are beat.  This weekend was the Mile High Sporting Dog Fanciers second annual agility trial.  Jenny has been the trial chair for this event since the inception, but we had to start from scratch this year as our facility sold.  Funny side note, it actually sold to a marijuana grower.  This legal marijuana craze is crazy.

Anyway, a new facility had to be found for our club and the Cairn Terrier club.  We partnered with their club leadership and found a great new location — Apex over in Arvada!  We worked out contracts and layouts and schedules and were so pleased to have a new climate controlled facility for agility in Colorado!

New facilities add a layer of stress to the weekend, and we also had a kids lacrosse game going on in their North field so we had a public audience too!  With all those kids and dogs it could have gone in a couple different directions, but luckily for us, the people in attendance were great stewards of their respective breeds and taught the general public a lot about dog agility.  We had kids sitting in the stands and cheering, it was pretty great.

Making our weekend more perfect, Jenny’s mom, Carol was in town.  We love having her here, besides having her company, she is an amazing cook!  Carol brought up her Border Terrier Mungo, and while they didn’t pick up any Qs this weekend, they did really well, and are super close to getting a qualifying run!

Karma had a GREAT weekend.  She picked up QQ #18 AND High in Trial!  This is based on clean runs and then yards per second.  Couldn’t be more pleased with how she ran and getting that huge High in Trial ribbon is serious icing on the cake!

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