Indy turns 12!


We can’t believe it!  Indy is 12!  He has morphed into the funniest old dog.  He groans at us when he is annoyed with our requests.  Bark-screams for ANYTHING while we cook — I think he actually gets irritated when we cut carrots and none roll off the cutting board for him to snatch.  He also does this bark-scream for all necessities — a toy poodle sleeping in “his” bed, covers that need to be lifted, more water in his water bowl…you get the idea.

In spite of all his old man demands, we wouldn’t change a thing!  Having a senior Vizsla is quite the adventure.  We TRY to limit his hunting, but he refuses to slow down.  We’ve made some adjustments like getting a bed that is closer to the ground and adding an ottoman that he can use as a bit of a step stool.  Mostly, we just try to enjoy every moment we have with our sweet zipper faced boy!

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