Karma places at the MHSDF trial!

Well, we haven’t done any agility in a month, and decided to kick off the draught with our own Mile High Sporting Dog Fanciers trial!  Jenny was the Trial Chair this weekend and that is always a ton of work.  Luckily we have a great club and our many friends who Jenny can lean on to help — Katherine, Dale, Ginger, Mary, Steve, and Krista were a few of our Vizsla friends who made the work light!  So much appreciation to these folks!  And even better our friend Dale and his Barsoom went High in Trial one day!  Karma won the award last year and was happy to see Barsoom win this year (she thinks he is the sexiest!)

Karma and Jenny weren’t quite in sync for any Double Qs this weekend, but when Karma did Q, she was fast enough to place in both!  We even got a 1st place in Jumpers a very tricky feat in the competitive 20” class (yep, the one with all the Border Collies!)

This trial has become a local favorite and we are so happy to be part of such a successful event.  Here’s to doing it all again next year!

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