LDW 2019

Labor Day Weekend this year was ALL about hiking and enjoying our favorite place — Vail! We took the whole pack out for long hikes each day, hit the local swimming hole on the way home, and just generally did a great job of actually wearing out our Vizslas!

Schmav in his K9 Sports Sack! He loves getting to hike with us!
Stopping to check out the waterfall — L to R: Halo, Cheeky, and Karma

Everyone obviously loves coming to Vail in the winter — Vail’s back bowls are legendary. However, summer is definitely Jenny’s favorite time to be here — everything is so green, the water is crisp and cool, and the wildflowers are gorgeous! Spending a long weekend outside this time of year is absolute bliss!

Cheeky enjoying the super green forest.
Jenny and the girls enjoying the wildflowers on our walk home.

Marc headed home early to beat the traffic rush, so Jenny invited up our friend Lindsay and her pup, Marmalade, for a girls night. We did all the girls night things — shared a cheese plate, made chocolate chip cookies, and slumber partied!

Cheeky helping with the wine & cheese!
The girls licking up the last of the cookie batter!

We did one last big hike this morning before heading home and when we went to pack up the condo, we realized we were totally successful at wearing out the Vizslas. Hope everyone had an equally wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Halo, Cheeky, and Marmalade stopping to pose, Karma hiding in the background.
Exhausted Vizslas!!

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