Meet Piper

Sunday afternoon, Marc got a call from Rita (CEO/President, Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc) asking if we would be up for fostering.  He gave an anxious yes, and got the story on Piper.

Piper’s owner passed away recently.  A sibling tried to step in, but her energy level was a little too high for their home situation.  From what we gather, at that point, different people tried to step in, but Piper just ended up being passed around from home to home.  At some point, someone decided to call CWVRG and see if Rescue could step in and take the dog.

After getting off the phone with Rita, Marc called the contact and asked if she could meet halfway (Piper was located 2 hours away and a 4 hour roundtrip is a bit much on a Sunday evening) but she refused to meet and said that she would contact someone else to take the dog.  Sheesh.  Luckily Rita was able to arrange for another volunteer to go pick up Piper and bring her back to Denver.

We were thinking Piper would arrive yesterday, but then the contact was shuffling her feet about surrendering the dog.  It has all been very strange.  Luckily, Rescue was able to secure Piper today and she was dropped off at Marc’s office after work.

When Marc and Piper got home, all the introductions went well.  Then it was time for a bath — she was stinky!!  The water coming off her was filthy, poor thing.  After getting clean and dry, we did her nails.  She was in dire need of a pedicure, in fact one nail had broken because they had gotten dangerously long.  There is a reason we are such nail Nazis!  That break looks very painful 🙁

After Piper’s “spa day” we just let her hang out with the crew.  She quickly found the basket of toys and started rooting through it to find the perfect toy.  Then she took her toy and curled up in one of our dog beds to veg-out for the rest of the night.

We don’t expect to have Piper long — she is just beautiful and so well behaved!  But for now, it’s very nice to have another red head in the house to love on 🙂

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