More socialization for Cheeky

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Cheeky taking on Sealy an 8 month old Doberman

Tonight we ventured over to our friend Steffie’s house for a little conformation practice and some socialization for Cheeky. Steffie helped Jenny figure out how to move Cheeky with minimal boinging around, and we worked a bit on hard stacking.

But the main mission tonight was to let Cheeky try to wear out Sealy, Steffie’s 8 month old Doberman. Cheeks is pretty fearless and even though Sealy outweighs her about 2 to 1, she was game to take her on. They ran tons of circles around the yard and Cheeky was smart enough to figure out if she stood on one of the dog beds, it gave her a height advantage for wrestle mania!

After letting them romp around for a good half hour, Steffie and Jenny headed out for dinner and Cheeky and Sealy happily slept the whole time! Getting lots of dog/dog interaction at this age is really important, to help them learn dog language and behavior. If you have a puppy, we much prefer these one-on-one managed play sessions than drop ins at dog parks, which tend to have a lot of clueless owners with overly pushy dogs.

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Check out that play bow from Seals! Consensual play is so important!

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