Cheeky’s starts agility foundation training

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With the holidays behind us, we were so excited to start Cheeky in her first agility foundation class! In this class she will learn basics like foot awareness (especially back feet!), spins, crosses, problem solving, obedience, and much flat work.

At class, Cheeky was a little rockstar. She did pretty good waiting quietly in her crate, but we are still rewarding polite behavior. She engaged well, and didn’t get too distracted with all the other puppies in the class. She loves training with toys or food, so that was a big bonus and made things easier than expected. We also worked on recalls, and she thought zooming down to Mom was SO FUN. We even started the basics of a blind cross, and she totally nailed it! Can’t wait to see how much she prowesses over the coming weeks — and the best part? She was SOUND asleep before we even got out of the driveway 🙂

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