New Cheyenne Show Site

We took a day of rest yesterday after Vizsla Nationals and then drove up Saturday night to check out the new Cheyenne Kennel Club show site. Jenny was able to get Cheeky and Louie for the adventure!

With the pandemic canceling all of Jenny’s work travel this year, she opted to stay up in Cheyenne and spend a night in a hotel. There is a new Tru by Hilton that we tried out and it was super cute and dog friendly!

Louie enjoying the accomodations!

In the show ring, the pups got no love, but we headed out back and tried out FastCAT. Basically, it’s a 100 yard dash — the dogs chase a lure attached to a motorized string. Louie accidentally stepped on the string during his run, so he thought the game was super dumb. But Cheeky thought it was fabulous and turned in 4 qualifying runs! That leaves her with 92.54 points towards her BCAT title. We’ll watch for another opportunity to let her run again!

Before we headed home, Jenny found a local lake and let the siblings swim and retrieve their hearts out. It was a fun, low-key show day after a very busy week!

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