QQ #6!

YEAH BUDDY!!!!  After a very long case of doubleqitis, Jenny and Karma broke the spell and brought home a QQ today!  This was an amazing feeling — actually, Jenny couldn’t contain herself and started celebrating well before the last jump…a big no-no, but the last bar stayed up 🙂

What made this QQ even sweeter was that it was done at our own trial!  This weekend was the MHSDF inaugural trial…a little project Jenny has been helping to bring to fruition for a little over a year.  The trial this weekend was amazing.  So many helping hands, music jamming, friends q-ing, and people smiling.  We are so lucky to have such great friends who are willing to not only help, but help keep the atmosphere fun and light!

Saturday Karma picked up a Q in jumpers and 14 MACH points to kick start the weekend.  Without a QQ we were not in contention for the High in Trial Sporting Dog award, but several of our friends were, and we were thrilled to see it go to our friend Mary and her nearly 10 year old Colby!  Colby has been recovering from some injuries, so it was great to see him come back in style.

Today, was QQ day.  That is just fun to type — QQ QQ QQ!!  Obviously still really excited, and for good reason, we haven’t been able to pin down a QQ since September!  Karma has REALLY progressed in the last 6 months….more confidence, more speed and Jenny has had to relearn how to handle Karma with this new found independence.  Hopefully, this is a sign that most of the kinks are worked out 🙂  In jumpers Karma came away with 4th place and 13 MACH points and standard was good for 3rd place and 23 MACH points.  That gives us 50 MACH points this weekend!  Karma was runner up for the High in Trial award today,

Here are Karma’s runs for the weekend:

Jumpers: http://youtu.be/5k4wcdsZMjo

Standard: http://youtu.be/AafFTD1qADE

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